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Psychoanalysis Enters the Politcal Fray: the OpEd Articles and Blogs of Peter Wolson Ph.D.
Peter Wolson
This book examines the psychology of American political leaders and electorates of recent decades while providing information about human nature. It also includes explanations of disturbing public issues such as gun violence and child molestation.

Off the Tracks: Cautionary Tales About the Derailing of Mental Health Care: Volume 1
Jeffrey Berman and Paul W. Mosher
Sexual and Nonsexual Boundary Violations

Butterfly Words: Relationships: A Psychiatrist’s Narrative
Daniel Rosen
The words collected here were written because they were a necessity at the time. For each occasion, they fulfilled a specific and sometime different purpose: reflect on a relationship, engage in a new one, or mourn a lost one.

Jane Austen: Sibling Rivalry, Unconscious Fantasy and Change
Margaret Ann Fitzpatrick Hanly
Jane Austen’s novels have been praised by the literary critics, loved by the ‘ordinary reader’, and made into many films. Psychoanalytic readings of the six great novels elaborate Austen’s famous description of her ‘subject’ to her niece Anna.

The Distance from Home
Daniel Jacobs
In this richly textured novel that spans two continents and vastly different worlds, Daniel Jacobs eloquently shows how love orders all things.

Psychoanalysis Enters the Political Fray
OpEd Articles and Blogs of Peter Wolson Ph.D.
American psychoanalysts have rarely entered the fray, but Peter Wolson demonstrates that psychoanalysis is crucial to understanding the world of politics. He brilliantly analyzes and provides possible solutions to political issues.

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